Where Do I File a Pa Inheritance Tax Return

Submit Schedule C if the deceased owned a business, whether it was a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. The goal is to value the business as accurately as possible at the time of death, so you may also need to provide information about how a stock was valued, as well as corporate tax returns for the year of death and the previous four years. If the business was jointly owned, add a Schedule F. Will you accept a copy of an estate tax return by email or fax or do I have to hand over/send the original copy? Not at the moment. We are only the agent of the AP department. and, therefore, we must follow the dor guidelines and require an original copy until further guidance is issued. In some cases, the person receiving the deceased`s property must file a return. This happens when: As a rule, the executor or administrator of the estate submits the declaration. This personal representative must mention all the property of the deceased that he knows. Where do I send a return? At our office: Delaware County Register of Wills, 201 W. Front Street, Media PA 19063. Deduction of taxable reimbursable expenses listed in Schedule H — funeral and administrative expenses; and Schedule I — Debts of the Deceased, Mortgage Liabilities and Liens. Then, complete Schedule J listing the beneficiaries of the estate with their shares.

You will also include all the parts of the estate that would go into the trusts. What do I need to attach to the REV-1500 (inheritance tax form)? Be sure to submit the REV-1500 in duplicate. Additional information does not need to be sent twice. All cheques must be paid to the register of wills, to the agent and presented to the register of wills of the county where the deceased resided. If the payment is sent by mail, the date of the postmark on the envelope will be used for the payment date. Where an additional income tax return is filed, it should include only additional or newly reported assets, transfers or deductions. Do not repeat assets or deductions reported in an initial or previous supplementary return. Transfer the «summary» amount in each of the appendices to the correct line on the cover page.

Follow all instructions. Line 14 will be the amount of the estate subject to Pennsylvania estate tax. In most cases, spouses do not owe tax. In 2012, linear offspring paid 4.5%, siblings paid 12%, and nonlinear offspring paid 15%. Submit the declaration in the district where the deceased lived. If the deceased was a non-resident, submit it to the county where the property was located or to the PA Department of Revenue. Inheritance tax payments are due on the death of the deceased and become outstanding nine months after the death of the person. If inheritance tax is paid within three months of the death of the deceased, a 5% reduction on the taxes due is allowed. If inheritance tax is paid after nine months, interest will accrue and penalties may be imposed. I have no idea how to fill the REV-1500. Can I call your office if I have questions about how to fill out this form? No, because unfortunately we are not able to help you.

We are acting as representatives on behalf of the PA department. of income only for the acceptance and processing of payments, nothing more. Therefore, we are not trained or authorized to assist you in completing the rev-1500 estate tax form. We recommend that you seek the help of a lawyer. If you`re looking for references from a probate lawyer, you can get a recommendation from the Delaware County Bar Association at 610-566-6625. Further questions can be addressed to the inheritance tax line of the pa department. from Revenue to 717-787-8327 or on the AP Department of Revenue`s Estate Tax website. I would like a copy of the REV-1500 with timestamp for my records. Can I arrange for me to come to your office to get one on site? Yes, but we can also send it to you by mail, which can be easier. If you would like to receive a time-stamped copy by mail, please attach one or more additional copies of the REV-1500 to the original and duplicate. Please attach a self-addressing stamped envelope so that we can return your copy to you on time.

Who do I send my inheritance tax cheque/money order to? «Register of Wills, Agent» The Register of Wills accepts declarations of inheritance tax and payments on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (PA). A declaration of inheritance tax must be filed for each deceased (or deceased person) with property that may be subject to PA inheritance tax. If the deceased was a non-resident of Pennsylvania, the 1737-A-A — Non Resident Decedent Estate Declaration, along with a copy of the letters issued by the deceased`s state of residence and 1737-1, Non Resident Decedent Affidale Affidale Hididale, must be filed directly with the Department. If the deceased was a Pennsylvania resident at the time of death, the REV-1500 — Resident Decedent Estate Tax Return must be filed in duplicate with the register of wills of the county where the deceased was resident at the time of death. Can I bring my return to your office? Yes. We have a locked Dropbox outside our office if you prefer. You can submit your return in person or by mail. You must submit two completed copies of your return with your payment. If I paid too much inheritance tax, will your office reimburse me for the measure? No. As an agent of the AP department.

of Revenues, we accept payments on their behalf, but no more. For this reason, they are responsible for issuing refunds. If you think you have a refund and have not received one, we recommend using the PA department. from Revenue to 717-787-8327 or visit the PA Department of Revenue`s Estate Tax website. What do I need to provide to make an advance payment of inheritance tax? If you are making an inheritance tax payment separately from filing a REV-1500, please attach a cover letter detailing the name, date of death and social security number of the deceased. If no tax form is submitted, an original death certificate may need to be filed with our office to process the tax payment. There is no registration fee for a tax form. However, to deposit an original death certificate, the cost is $10 (no personal cheques). The Register of Wills cannot give advice on how to complete the tax return or calculate tax. If you have any questions, contact a lawyer or accountant.

Calculate the tax based on the return. If you pay the tax within three months of the death of the deceased, you can get a 5% discount on the total amount. Then, see «Register of Wills, Agent» for the total amount due. .

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